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News templates

WordPress is something most of u are aware of. WordPress is one of the places that u go to when you have to make a new website or have to start a new magazine when you didn’t feel like dealing with the website developers and when you don’t have enough time to have a website or magazine developed for you while you can easily do it here. To make that magazine a success you also you also go for the colourful theme for your magazine that could make it look great and tract the people towards our magazine or blog etc. If you are looking to start a news magazine or a blog that you can find a number of news templates on the internet that you can either download for free or premium.

News Templates WordPress -

Following are some of the amazing news templates that you would want to download


XNews Templates WordPress -

X-news is one of the best news templates that let you write news articles and the blog posts about what’s new happening in the world. It is like the best news template for your magazine it also supports advertisement system so the viewers on you magazine can enjoy Google ads too. You can get this news template for $49 ad is the best you can get at such a low price.


Warp Templates WordPress -

The wrap is another news template that you can find on the internet to download and which I hope you will find the best for your news website, blog or the magazine. It is a news template that makes even reading the news fun. It is a fast loading which means people will definitely like it ad fully responsive too. This news template consists of 3 pages and can support 9 types of the post including Google maps, YouTube videos etc.


FashMag Templates WordPress -

FashMag as the name can tell you is a news template that can contain all the fashion news so if you are hoping to start a fashion magazine then you can definitely go for this news template and can write all about what’s new in fashion and what’s going on in the fashion world. It is such a colourful news template that you can get for just $35 and it will get updated regularly too.

Canyon Mag

Canyon Mag Templates WordPress -

This is the ultimate news template for your magazine that you must consider before starting an online magazine. There is no better and high tech news template for you when it comes to magazines than this one. With this news template, you can share a lot of the news with your subscribers.

The newspaper

The newspaper Templates WordPress -

The newspaper is the news template that will make users feel like they are reading a real newspaper but just on their computer or mobile screen. It is the best alternative of the newspapers that we use in daily life and if you want to make your magazine or newspaper a success you will opt for this news template too

So these were some of the best news templates that you should know about.