Newspaper WordPress Theme

Newspaper WordPress

WordPress is one of the very popular sites in today’s world when the online business have become such a norm. In the start, WordPress was known only for creating websites and blogs but now you can also create online stores and start your own magazines. Starting own magazine seems like such big deal when you think of doing it in real but now you can do it online with the help of WordPress all you have to do is decide what type of the magazine you want you will need few writers and editors and you can keep people updated about all the news related to the genre of your magazine. Like if you have fashion magazine you will update them with whats new in fashion and also a little bit of the fashion gossip and your reviews on the products.

Newspaper WordPress Template -

Following are some of the themes for the newspaper WordPress.

Newspaper X

Newspaper X WordPress Template -

Newspaper X is one of the most popular themes when it comes to the newspaper WordPress. This theme has its focus on all the aspects of news media etc. So it will be a perfect for general newspaper WordPress that like to update people on everything. It will make your newspaper look like the original newspaper that we use in daily life but here you will be using it on the screens of your laptop or mobile phones.

NewsMag life

NewsMag life WordPress Template -

NewsMag Life is another theme for the newspaper WordPress that is very simple and easy to use and manage. It is a user-friendly theme for the newspaper WordPress that can cover some great amount of news about all the aspects including fashion, industry and commerce. You can download this theme for your newspaper very easily from a number of different websites.


Travelify WordPress Template -

This is the type of the theme that can be used for the newspaper WordPress that are specified for the travelling news. It is a great theme that is very simple and easy to use and manage. It is easily available on the internet and is very good for all type of the modern devices.


Sparkling WordPress Template -

Sparkling serves the justice to its name an actually a very sparkling theme for your newspaper WordPress. It attracts the people of your newspaper due to its unique look and this is the type that should get this WordPress theme as soon as possible.

MH Newsdesk

MH Newsdesk WordPress Template -

MH Newsdesk is a WordPress theme for the newspaper WordPress. It gives the exact look to your newspaper that a newspaper shall have. It provides you with the slider and the 12 widget option and this is more than enough for a newspaper WordPress. It also supports featured images which brings life in the newspaper.


Portal is the great theme for you online newspaper WordPress. It makes your website look charming and interesting. It comes with the different colour patterns and the background options.

So these were all the themes template that you would need for your online newspaper WordPress.